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Competitve Edge Lacrosse to Close

Competitive Edge: ‘The Lacrosse version of Cheers’ to close its doors, but continue as a major retailer

Friday, 5th December 2014 


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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 12/5/14

For some, a trip to the local lacrosse retail store provides a chance to buy the latest gear or hottest new piece of apparel.

But for many, a trip to Competitive Edge in Wayne has always meant much more.

Carole and Chris Hupfeldt have made Competitive Edge a special place to buy lacrosse equipment and apparel for 16 years

Carole and Chris Hupfeldt have made Competitive Edge a special place to buy lacrosse equipment and apparel for 16 years

“Comp Edge is the lacrosse store version of ‘Cheers.’ It had all the warmth and homey feel of the general store, the family doctor’s office and the neighborhood pharmacy of yesteryear,” said Scott Growney, a longtime patron of the store. “Of course, being the place where they always knew your name, you could never just fly by the store and pick anything up.

“The greetings, the conversations, the stories, the updates, and the latest scuttlebutt was half the fun!”

Competitive Edge, a favorite destination for everything lacrosse, is closing the doors to its store at 21 West Avenue at the end of the month with a huge sale, with 25 percent off all heads, handles and equipment and reduced prices on apparel. By mentioning this article, customers also has get two pairs of Sox for $12, a savings of $8

The Comp Edge owners, Chris (Hup) Hupfeldt and wife Carole will continue to operate as a supplier of custom athletic gear and uniforms to teams and schools across the country. Competitive Edge will also be selling lacrosse apparel on the Internet and at lacrosse tournaments and events in the spring of 2015. Customers can stay connected through Facebook (Like us by clicking here or searching “Facebook Competitive Edge Outfitters”).

Competitive Edge has been in existence for 16 years and during that time the Hupfeldts and their store have become known for their love of lacrosse, their customers and the promotion of the sport that has grown so much during that period. The store may be closing, but the memories will never die.

“Chris and Carole Hupfeldt and their staff have been community assets with personal knowledge, contacts, insight and extensive reach for almost two generations,” said Growney, a longtime official with the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association and promoter of the sport in the region. “They have served the spectrum of needs for countless players, both boys and girls, involved at the youth and high school programs on the Main Line.

“They outfitted many a wide-eyed kid about to pick up the sport for the first time, tip to toe, and reassured nervous parents who were new to the sport that lacrosse would win them over on the merits. They were ‘spreaders,’ popularizing and growing the game with their passion.

“The ‘Huppies’ were also merchandizing aficionados without peer. Players would light up like kids in a candy store at all the offerings – equipment, apparel, and accessories, not to mention the pictures and the old sticks and helmets that were displayed like museum pieces. Parents (and grandparents) would too! Huppy could be a Hall of Famer solely as a result of his retail prowess and his considerable contribution to the game as the proprietor of a destination specialty store that so many fans of the game will deeply miss.”

It must be noted that Chris Hupfeldt indeed is headed to the Hall of Fame after being named as a 2015 inductee for the Eastern PA Chapter of the US Lacrosse Hall that will be honored in February.

Tim Goldstein, a former college great at Cornell who settled in Philly’s Main Line years ago, agreed:

“I have three young kids that grew up loving the store; they’d pull sticks off the shelves and start breaking things and Hup would always (joke), ‘You are wrecking my store,” said Goldstein. “Now they are old enough to buy things there and old enough to remember those days fondly.

“I have had a long relationship with Hup and he always had time to interact. We had weekly talks about lacrosse. He could walk and talk lacrosse and there arenot many places that have that. It’s sad that he leaves. Hup is the King of Lacrosse knowledge; no matter what is was about, youth, high school, club, college, pro. He is a student of every level. I trust his opinions on the spot.”

Goldstein said several generations of players can look back at their days buying equipment at Competitive Edge.

“The programs in the area like Radnor, Conestoga, Haverford, EA are all great programs and they have all been touched by the Hups through their equipment and gear and the friends they have made,” he said. “They were like the Creator and Godfather of cool and colorful new gear.”

Chris and Carole Hupfeldt said they have enjoyed with with customers in the store and helping make the experience of purchasing apparel and gear special to every players and parent.

“The goal from the very beginning was to be knowledgeable about the sport while creating a friendly and accommodating store atmosphere for customers,” said the Hupfeldts. “Our store became a breeding ground for getting new players interested in playing lacrosse.

“In the Philadelphia region, we sold to kids their first lacrosse stick and equipment and proudly watched players and families develop a love and a passion for the game. Most of all, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their great support of Competitive Edge.”

Competitive Edge Outfitters is located at 21 West Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087. The telephone number is 610-293-9772.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m.

posted 12/21/2014
2015 MNYL Registration Information
Registration for 2015 MNYL spring season is now open!
Regular Registration:
November 15 - January 15
Late Registration  ($30 late fee)
January 16  -  January 31
Registration will close at the end of day - January 31
Please visit our website to register
Kindergarten Clinic:
Our Little Tigers Kindergarten clinics are growing larger each year.  Boys in this age group will learn the basic fundamentals of lacrosse. What separates our K program from others is that the boys wear full equipment, use goalies and play games.  These teams will practice one weekday evening and play games on Sundays. The season will  start in mid-March (weather permitting). Registration is $75 per player at this level.  All boys must have a stick, gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads.  MNYL will provide helmets for any player that requires one at this level.

1st & 2nd Grade Intramural:  This is a great introduction to Lacrosse with a complete focus on having fun. Players will be introduced to catching, throwing, scooping and shooting.  Boys will meet one night during the week when the spring weather arrives and participate in practices where players rotate around skill stations. They will have games on Sundays and also compete in a "playday" with other local lacrosse clubs.  The games will be 8 vs. 8 with goalies, played on smaller fields. Registration is $100 per player at this level.  MNYL will provide helmets for any player that requires one at this level.

3rd & 4th Grade: this is a team based in-house program for developing/beginner players in third and fourth grades. The boys in this league will be placed on teams of approximately 15 boys which will practice one night a week and play house games on Sundays. The boys will be playing 10 vs. 10 with goalies on regulation sized fields.  We will evaluate the players and rank them based on each boy's experience and skill level.  We then assign the boys in a manner that ensures, to the extent feasible, that we'll have parity amongst the teams. For the more advanced players at this age group there is a "C" travel team composed of the top 15-18 players.  This team plays in SEPYLA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association) against other township travel programs.  Coaches will select this team after the evaluations are completed in early March. Games are played on Sundays.  Registration is $150 all players at this level. 

5th & 6th "B" Travel:  SEPYLA calls this the B league.  We usually field two or three  teams at this level that enter into a SEPYLA governed game schedule.   The teams will play against some of the best youth lacrosse programs in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.  Boys trying out for these teams should be committed to playing lacrosse as their primary Spring sport.  Games are usually played on Sundays.  Registration is $150 per player at this level.

7th & 8th Grade "A" Travel: SEPYLA calls this the A league.  We usually field two teams at this level that enter into a SEPYLA governed game schedule.   The teams will play against some of the best youth lacrosse programs in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.  Boys trying out for these teams should be committed to playing lacrosse as their primary Spring sport.  Games are usually played on Saturdays.  Registration is $150 per player at this level.

Please email if you have any questions

posted 12/01/2014
Dom Starsia - A (Second) Letter to Parents
Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter To Parents

Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Parents


The following link is a great read for parents and their players.

Read it here!

posted 11/30/2014
MNYL Players on 2015 Club Teams

We have a number of MNYL players that will be on rosters for club travel teams for the upcoming 2014-2015 year.  If your son is serious about lacrosse, than these club teams are a great way for your son to keep playing lacrosse all year long.  Congratulations to all the boys, and we hope you guys have a great experience.


Kyle Bergen                           NXT 2024

Will McConaghy                     RoughRiders 2024

Connor Nolan                        Rising Sons 2023

Billy Irish                              Rising Sons 2023

Kyle Comstock                       RoughRiders 2023

Charlie Kraftson                     NXT 2023

Cooper McAndrews                NXT 2023

Owen McConaghy                  RoughRiders 2022

Jack Irish                               Rising Sons 2022

Charlie Box                            Rising Sons 2022

Charlie Maier                         NXT 2022

Andrew McMeekin                 MesaFresh Fever 2022

Zach Hoyt                             MesaFresh Fever 2022

Ryan Duckworth                   MesaFresh Fever 2022

Eddie Devine                        MesaFresh Fever 2022

Kieran Sims                          MesaFresh Fever 2022

Rob Corrato                          NXT 2021

CJ Campbell                          NXT 2021

Owen Yeakle                         Fusion 2021

Luke Carden                          Fusion 2021

Peter Sims                             MesaFresh Fever 2021

Owen Iemolo                        RoughRiders 2020

Cain Tarquini                        MesaFresh Fever 2020

Nate Hunter                          NXT 2019

Kevin King                            NXT 2019




posted 10/28/2014
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